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Hygiene Services

Oral hygiene is so important for both the overall health of your body and to ensure that you can keep a functioning smile for life! At VicDen Centre we don`t treat your hygiene visit as "just a checkup". Each time you come in we evaluate your oral health and risk factors, then give you personalized recommendations for home care and intervals for your cleanings in our office. For example, for some people visiting us twice a year for a hygiene visit is sufficient, and some may need to come every 3 months to maintain proper oral health, no two people are the same so we don't treat you that way! As needed, we will take photos and radiographs to assist us in diagnosing any treatment necessary and educating you on what we see so that we may be partners in your oral health.

Restorations & Endodontics (aka Root Canals)

Having untreated tooth decay, cavities and infection in your mouth is the same as having infection or disease on any other part of your body abd not doing anything about it... in fact, it's almost worse, because everythign that you put into your body through your mouth is passing through this diseased area! Many studies show that that bacteria and disease in the mouth that enter the bloodstream can cause all sorts of problems such as heart diease and diabetes.


Here at VicDen centre we don't call our tooth restorations "fillings" because what we do is not just a simple patch job. We remove all traces of decay, then use enamel coloured composite to restore your tooth to it's original aesthetic, you won't even be able to tell that the restoration is there!

If the decay has progressed to the point where it reaches the serves and is causing you pain, we may need to perform a root canal in order to save the tooth and keep you out of pain. While this may seem like a  big scary procedure, it is really nothing to worry about. In one painless visit we can have your tooth root canalled and restored!

As always, early detection of decay is vital to minimizing the amount of restoration that you will need, so regular hygiene visits and exams are extremely important for prevention!


A crown is needed when a tooth breaks or decays to the point where the structure is too compromised for a composute restoration or "filling". There are many materials that can be used to fabricate a crown, some require us to send impressions to a lab to have the crown made in which case we will make you a temporary crown and complete your treatment in 2 visits. In some cases we are able to fabricate your crown in house and treatment is all done in ONE VISIT!

Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile, so we want you to love yours!! If there is something that you don't love about your smile, whether it's big or small, come see us for a consultation. During your initial visit we take a full series of photos of your teeth and we would be mroe than happy to see down with you, take a look together and discuss your options! Whether it's ortodontic treatment to fis the positioning of your teeth, an implant or bridge to replae a missing tooth, or veneers or crowns to change the shape, colour and appearance of your teeth we can do it all and much much more!

Extractions, Bone & Tissue Grafting, Crown Lengthening, Implant Placement & Other Surgeries

Dr. Denysenko has been providing extractions and dental surgeries for over 30 years. He is proficient in bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, dental implant placement and is a member of the international team of implantologists.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections

Botulinum Toxin is a natural purified protein that relaxes wrinkle causing muscles, creating a smooth and improved appearance. Relaxing these muscles can also relieve tension that causes pain and headaches, and reduce clenching and grinding which can be destructive to your teeth. Its a simple and quick, non surgical treatment that delivers great, natural looking results! Combine your injection appointments with your regular dental visits for ultimate privacy and discretion. Results happen gradually over time, so you will begin looking less tired and more awake and only you and our office will know why!

Sure Smile Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way from the traditional wire and brackets style treatment. Clear aligners can now be used to correct tooth misalignment without anyone even noticing that you're wearing them! Come in for a complimentary scan of your teeth and we can show you a digital simulation of what your smile could look like with clear aligner therapy!

TMD Treatment

TMJ Disorder, or TMJ, is the inflammation of the soft joint where your lower jaw connects to your skull. Diagnosis and treatment of TMJ involves determining the source of the inflammation and taking steps to reduce stress on the joint. TMJ can be caused by misaligned teeth grinding and clenching your teeth, excessive chewing of things like gum and sticky substances, and other causes. We diagnose TMJ by examining your jaws and treat it by addressing the root cause.