No need to delay dental treatment...

You may have seen a publication from the World Health Organization (WHO) advising people to postpone any non emergent dental care due to risk of the spread of Covid-19. The WHO is overseeing countries at all different risk levels all over the world, so the Canadian Dental Association has clarified what that means for Canada:

August 12, 2020 - Ottawa, ON: The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) clarifies that the World Health Organization's (WHO) considerations to delay the provision of non-essential oral health care during the COVID-19 pandemic are not relevant for the current status in Canada since there is not wide-spread community transmission of COVID-19 in our country. Canada is experiencing cluster-contained outbreaks, conditions which allow for routine oral health care to be provided.

The WHO considerations, published on August 11, 2020, advises high-risk countries to delay non-essential oral health care until either a sufficient reduction in COVID-19 transmission rates from community transmission to cluster cases have occurred or upon official recommendations at a country's national, sub-national or local level.

Canadian dentistry has among the highest infection control standards in the world and takes its guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, and the dental regulatory authorities in each province. Canada has been proactive in applying similar considerations during the peak infection period in early 2020 to protect the health of the public.

The Government of Canada, CDA, provincial dental associations, and dentists continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely. Oral health care provision is based on enhanced guidelines of provincial health officers and provincial dental regulatory bodies. Canadians can rest assured that dentists are infection control experts, and that dental offices continue to follow strict provincial guidelines and regulations that protect the health of patients and dental staff.

Rest assured, the health and safety of our patients is and always will be our top priority, so we are continuously monitoring risk of transmission in our area and adhering to all updates and advice from our governing bodies. For more information on what we are doing to protect you in our office see our blog post here

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