Can poor Oral Hygiene lead to Heart Disease?

This year health has become a focus in all of our minds as we deal with the pandemic that has consumed our world. There are unexpected positives that are emerging from all of the struggles we are facing, and one may be this unavoidable focus on our health which may have fallen to the wayside in the past. When we look at our susceptibility to Covid-19, pre-existing conditions play a large role in determining risk level, however this principle applies so far beyond covid.

The mouth is the gateway to the body, in more ways than one! The mouth-body connection has been increasingly studied in recent years, and research has shown many connections between oral health and many serious diseases and ailments throughout the body such as heart disease and diabetes. Once bacteria enters the bloodstream, it is able to travel throughout the entire body, so by ignoring your bleeding gums or the cavity that doesn’t hurt that bad, you may be allowing harmful bacteria to make a home in your body.

Ultimately, your long-term outcome depends on your own efforts. You can’t always prevent every cavity, but you can reduce your risk of severe gum disease, tooth loss and other disease by staying on top of your daily oral care, visiting a dentist for routine checkups, and most importantly completing any treatment that is required or recommended to restore your oral health.

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